Corona contact lens exams

Corona Contact Lens Exams

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Contact lens exams and fittings in Corona

There are many good things about wearing contacts. And if you take the proper measures ahead of time, you’ll be likely to have positive and comfortable experience with them. And that’s why we at Lens Lab Express provide our Corona contact lens exams and fittings.

Our Corona contact lens exams are not the same as regular eye exams. It’s an extension of it, with greater detailed paid to the parts of your eyes that are going to touch the lenses every time you put the lenses in. Those parts are the cornea, conjunctiva, and eyelids. Of course, when you have eyeglasses, you don’t concern yourself with those parts. Likewise, our Corona contact lens exams are also concerned with determining the curvature of your cornea, which is key to writing an accurate prescription. There is no angle to consider like with glasses. In most cases, the exam is simply an assurance that you are okay and that your lenses will not result in any difficulties. However, if there are issues, then it is far better to find out before you take your contacts home with you. The situation may be able to be remedied, or you can simply choose eyeglasses instead. If everything is fine, though, you will them move onto the fitting. This is our way of making certain that you like the way your contacts feel in your eyes, and helping you to center them so that you get the most out of the prescription as written. No matter what type of contact lens you prefer, and they are often geared toward matching up with your lifestyle, a fitting is essential for long term satisfaction.

Reach out to our office so that we can schedule a convenient time for you to come in for our Corona contact lens exams and a fitting. We look forward to helping you.

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