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Are you looking for a new way of seeing clearly? While eyeglasses can be one of the simplest ways of achieving clear vision, they are not always the right choice for everyone. Fortunately, the latest advances in optical technology make it easier for more people today to achieve clear vision with the use of eyeglasses than ever before. Contact lenses exist in more types and styles today, so much so that certain lenses can actually treat multiple vision problems. The first step in deciding which contact lenses are the right choice for you is with a Jackson Heights contact lens exam at the state of the art practice of the Lens Lab Express.

Contact lenses work entirely differently than your eyeglasses due in order to correct your vision problems. Optical conditions occur due to imperfections in the shape of your eyes. Perfect vision can only be achieved by eyes that are a perfect sphere. Any alteration during growth causes light to refract poorly into the eye. When this happens, vital information is lost in transit, resulting in blurry vision at certain distances. While eyeglasses work to refract the light properly back into your eyes, contact lenses work to change the shape of your eyes back into a perfect sphere for clear vision anywhere you look, without ever being restricted by the shape of your frames. As contact lenses work in an entirely different manner than eyeglasses, a special type of examination is needed in order to determine your unique contact lens prescription. Your contact lens examination includes increased testing for your optical health which works to insure that your eyes will work comfortably with your new contacts. Dry eyes from a syndrome or the environment can cause problems with comfortable wear that can be remedied by special eye drops designed uniquely for contact lens wearers from your eye doctor. Most importantly, your Jackson Heights contact lens exam works to measure the exact shape of your corneal curvature. This measurement works to determine the prescription of the lenses as well as insuring a perfect fit. Every exam comes complete with a contact lens fitting to help you put in your new lenses, as well as insure that the style you have chosen is perfect for you.

For the very best in Jackson Heights contact lens exam, be sure to visit the experts at the welcoming offices of the Lens Lab Express. We utilize our on-site laboratory to craft your optical wear with expedient care and at affordable prices, with offices hours open seven days a week and walk-ins always welcome for you anytime you have a moment for optical care. With a contact lens examination from the Lens Lab Express you can find the perfect alternative to eyeglasses.

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