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Jackson Heights Eye Care

Jackson Heights Eye Care

Today’s eye exams do more than test your sight, they test the physical health of your eyes too. An early diagnosis can stop many of the optical conditions, which are also the number one causes of blindness in Americans today, before they can cause any damage to your sight. Our professional optometrists are locals, just like you, who understand the needs of our community. That’s why at the Lens Lab Express, our staff of your local Jackson Heights eye care center utilizes only the most advanced technology and procedures in the care of your eyes to give you premium optical examinations at prices you can afford.

Your eye exam at the convenient local offices of our Jackson Heights eye care center does much more than test your ability to see. Our professional optometrists also examine the physical health of your eyes to insure that they are healthy and free of disease or complications. Cataracts can occur in anyone, regardless of age or the strength of your vision. This means that even if you are young with perfect vision, you can still get a cataract. Certain combinations of risk factors, such as radiation exposure from the sun’s UV rays, prolonged use of steroids, diabetes, or an injury to the eye can greatly heighten your likelihood of getting a cataract. Perhaps the most dangerous aspect of this optical condition is their ability to exist without showing any symptoms until it begins to take away your sight. Your local optometrist will utilize the latest technology to examine your eyes for cataracts. Normally, this process includes a dilation of the pupil, which allows the optometrist to see through your eye and to the nerve center. However, this can often be uncomfortable for the patient, as dilation of the eye makes it very sensitive to light.

Fortunately, there is a new procedure to help. If you have trouble seeing, ask the staff our Jackson Heights eye care center about an Optomap. An Optomap at the Lens Lab Express is a type of laser that allows us to digitally scan the retina of your eye for examination that is far less invasive than an eye dilation, so you can get on with your day without complications while driving from sunlight. Eye exams are essential to the overall health of your eyes, but that doesn’t mean they have to be uncomfortable or invasive at all. Today’s technology is constantly advancing to improve the treatment and diagnosis of the eye conditions and diseases which are far too common today. At the Lens Lab Express we strive to offer you the very same procedures and advances in your comprehensive eye examinations to help you maintain perfect vision your whole life through.

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