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For people living with developing presbyopia, being able to see comfortably can be a bit of a hassle. You may find yourself switching between your normal glasses and readers, or wearing readers in addition to contacts. Even if you used to have perfect vision you may find that reading or driving have become increasingly difficult tasks because of a steady decline in your vision. Presbyopia is a common occurrence for adults over the age of 40 and here at Lens Lab Express, we can offer you an easier alternative. If you have presbyopia, visit our Jackson Heights optician to see what no-line bifocals and trifocals can do for you.

Prescription Reading Glasses Jackson Heights

Prescription Reading Glasses Jackson Heights

For those who already have presbyopia, then you may already be using bifocal or trifocal lenses. These lenses consist of several different areas, each with a different prescription strength in order to see clearly at different distances. But these traditional lenses also have a clear, distinct line demarcating each section. These lines can be a nuisance and can often create a jarring sense of adjustment when transitioning between lens areas. Here at Lens Lab Express, our Jackson Heights optician can provide you with no-line bifocals or trifocals instead. These lenses will more closely resemble single vision glasses and will not mar your vision, especially if you are looking at something in the middle ground of your line of sight. Additionally, transitioning between these areas will be less irritating and had on your eyes, making these transitions easier and more comfortable. With no-line bifocal lenses, you will be able to see both far away and up close without that pesky line to deter you when looking between these magnifications or somewhere between them. No-line trifocal lenses work in much the same way.

Living with vision impairment does not have to be a life of hassle and inconvenience. Our team of Jackson Heights opticians can provide you with the vision correction appliances that best suit your personal preferences and style. If you are looking for a more comfortable way to see life more clearly then schedule an appointment with us at Lens Lab Express today.

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