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Jackson Heights Eye Health

Jackson Heights Eye Health

Since the eyes live on the surface of our bodies and are see-through, blood vessels, nerves and tissues can be easily viewed with specialized equipment.  This allows our Jackson Heights eye health specialists to be the first to spot certain medical conditions with just a simple eye exam.  Your eye health can easily reveal medical conditions that doctors are able to spot based on what your eyes look like, or how they react to different light.  Clots in the tiny blood vessels inside of the retina can be a signal risk for strokes, while thickened blood vessel walls along with narrowing of the vessels can be a sign of high blood pressure.  Puffy eyes may mean you have an allergy, or may have consumed too much sodium. Yellowing of the eyes may be sign of hepatitis, gallbladder disease or likely a gall stone block.

Jackson Heights Astigmatism

First time patients that come to Lens Lab Express of Jackson Heights do not know exactly what astigmatism is.  Astigmatism occurs when the cornea, the front surface of the eye, is curved slightly in one direction and causes blurred vision.  The cornea refracts light so it focuses on the retina in the back of the eye.  With astigmatism some of that light focuses in front of or behind the retina, so your vision may be blurry up close, in the distance, or blurry in both directions.  At Jackson Heights astigmatism eye care center, we believe in patient education.  We want our Jackson Heights patients in the community to be educated on their eye health and what type of ocular disorders may occur as their eyes age.  For more information about your family’s eyes make an appointment at our Jackson Heights optical facility.  Indications of astigmatism can include headaches, eye strain, fatigue, and blurred or distorted vision.

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