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Progressive Lenses in Corona

Corona specialty eyeglass lenses

Progressive lenses in Corona

Progressive lenses in Corona

Are you going to be getting a new pair of eyeglasses soon? If so, you may be considering getting a special type of lens which is able to help you with a specific eyeglass or vision problem. Today many people are choosing to get progressive lenses in Corona; these lenses solve a very important problem for patients who need reading glasses or multi-focal lenses.

Progressive lenses in Corona are used to provide multiple types of vision correction in one eyeglass lens. For example, if you need to use reading glasses and distance glasses, you can get progressive lenses that have both of these prescriptions in one lens. Progressive lenses do cost a bit more and are considered to be specialty eyeglass lenses. However, progressive lenses offer many advantages to our patients and this is why we are very happy to carry them at our optical store, Lens Lab Express.

Bifocal lenses have existed for a very long time. However, in regular bifocal eyeglasses there is a distinct area that is reserved for the reading glass prescription. Sometimes this area is simply delineated by a line in the lens; other times the area is even more distinctly defined. In either case, the lenses are not particularly attractive and do not provide optimal vision. Not only do these types of lenses announce to the world that you are old enough to need reading glasses, but they also provide a limited area of the lens for you to use for reading. However, with progressive lenses there can be two or even three different prescriptions within the lens. What is great about these types of lenses is that progressive lenses in Corona do not have any lines or any marks of delineation in them at all. This means that you can wear them, and they will look like regular eyeglasses. For distance vision you will look a bit up, for middle vision you can look straight ahead, and for reading you will look down. The progression from one lens prescription area to another is seamless and natural, making it easier to have a clear field of vision. When this is combined with the added aesthetic appeal of progressive lenses, it is easy to understand why they have become so popular at our optical store. If you would like to come in and learn about the different types of specialty eyeglass lenses that we offer, please feel free to stop by at any time.

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