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Jackson Heights specialty eyeglass lenses

As you get older, you may notice that you squint more when reading, especially when doing so in low lighting, and that you may have to hold a restaurant menu at arm’s length in order to see the text clearly. This issue is commonly attributed to presbyopia. Presbyopia is most often corrected by bifocals, but you can get around the annoyance of having to use these frames with a pair of progressive lenses in Jackson Heights. Here at Lens Lab Express, we can help you diagnose any vision issues that you may have and provide you with the proper lenses that you need in order to help you see more clearly.

If you have a growing difficulty seeing things clearly, especially at varying distances, then you should schedule an appointment with us here at Lens Lab Express. One of our eye doctors will give you a thorough eye examination, eliminating more troubling possibilities for the cause of your growing vision difficulties. They will test your visual acuity and measure what prescription strength work best with your changing vision. If our eye doctor diagnoses you with presbyopia, then they will most likely suggest that you use progressive lenses. Progressive lenses in Jackson Heights can provide you with seamless clarity and can help your eyes see objects at varying distances without the jarring change in magnification common with bifocals or trifocals. In traditional bifocals or trifocals, there are two or three distinct areas in the lens that all have different prescription strength magnifications. While these lenses provide you with all of the vision needs you require in one pair of glasses, this design can be hard on your eyes. Progressive lenses give you natural-seeming clarity and allow your eyes to see comfortably without needing time to adjust to the difference.

You don’t have to let presbyopia get in the way of living a comfortable life. With progressive lenses in Jackson Heights, you can see things at all distances with ease and clarity. If you notice any changes in your visual acuity, make an appointment with us here at Lens Lab Express Group today.

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